Yellow is an action where I paint a line to conquer symbolically a specific territory, and is about the line of life. Yellow because is the color of the sun, the light.

In my actions in nature; I like to create a magical-sacred space where the spontaneous corporal movement, and the vibrations of colors are unified, transforming myself into something new. Nature has a huge impact on my work: earth, water, air. A chain of events expressed: Creating circles with stones, which are then transformed into figures and finally enter my inks or collages as form.

Sometimes the concepts of the subtle and the dense are present in the performance, what I want to subtilize within the dense and what I want to densify in the subtle.

The actions body land art, are for me a dance with the elements; like a flower with its root, its receptive petals receiving light, moving sweetly in the breeze, transforming itself in every movement.

Documenting by  the photographer Michaela Meadow.

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