Open artist exhibition at Can Pep Rey, Ibiza, Summer 2022.

Fulgoraria(a  species of sea snail shell)

Studio project by the artist Li Ramet, where collages, mix media paintings, sculptures and an audiovisual installation point out the mysteries embodied in the feminine, the sea, the desert, space and time.  The  work engages with the symbolism of wet and dry, and the capture of time through primordial growth and the first civilization of a mankind. It narrates time by using materials that freeze time, therefore alluding to the eternal and forever, whilst also looking at what dissolves and is ephemeral.

The artist is questioning, what is alive or almost alive? There is a transformation in each step of matter becoming concrete, in each form that can be created, yet it can also be an energetic phenomena that cannot be perceived.  

Within this exhibition focus moves from  the lines and geometry of nature, to the repetition of simultaneous organic forms in contrast with pyramids and stable rectangles. Repetition is the leitmotif. Shells, as fractals, are present invarious fluid settings and collages. They symbolize the synthesis of a being that was in the water, creating itself in successive layers over time, then drying out. Every layer is a part of the transformation, the mutation.
The conception of this type of work is internal, it is linked with the physical as it is created. The act of creating; a momentary and immediate physical response to a fluid accretion of perceptions.

A project in collaboration with Art Patrons Ibiza, 2021.


"Poética"  Installation of ink works "Le marriage" and Sohar's poetry. A  collaboration with the artist & poet Sohar Villegas. Galería Goya, Málaga 2010.

Circuitos kromosómicos-Luz

'Kromosómicos-Luz Circuits' Installation in honor of my grandmother. I selected objects and photographs that I found in her house after her death. I placed the objects in an emotional suggestive way,  in the garden of my childhood and early adolescence house in Argentina.

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