She works with processes including drawing, painting, collage,sculpture/installation, performance, and photography. Her work features in private collections and has been shown in soloand group exhibitions at various galleries in Spain, New York, France, Istanbul, and Argentina. Recently Li investigates different ways of human transformation, focuson concepts such as density and subtlety in the relation between her body andthe different technics and mediums that she combines in her work.  She is also  co-founder and curator of Wondering Futuresart experiences & ArtCollectiveIbiza, a female artistcollective.

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b. 1983, San Juan, Argentina. Lives and works in Ibiza, Spain.


2003-08  BFA  Fine Arts, National University of Cuyo, Faculty of Arts and Design, Argentina.

2011-12  MFA in Art Therapy, Autonomous University of Coahuila, México.

2005-07  MFA in "Photography for Design". National University of Cuyo.

Selected Exhibitions


Amynda-la, Almond, installation commissioned by the Ayuntamiento de San Antonio, Ibiza.


Solo show Interwoven Realms, curated by Josefina VilelaThe Loft, Mahnattan, New York, October 2023.


Solo show A Way to Emerge, private house, Ibiza December 2022.

Accrochage, Open artist colective exhibition at Can Pep Rey, Ibiza.

4 Elements, collective exhibition, La Luna gallery, Ibiza, Spain.


Solo show Inner Maps, The Cave,  Six Senses, Ibiza.

Solo show Fulgoraria, Studio exhibition project, Ibiza.

Splash of  mayhem, collective exhibitionSolarium Art Space, Marseille. 


Solo show  Visions from somewhere, private home show, Ibiza.

Alchemy of Her, collective exhibition, Atzaró Ibiza.

Willing the Season, collective online exhibition, Far X Wide project, New York


Ibiza Art Fair, Palau de Congressos d'Eivissa.

"O", collective exhibition on eroticism, ADDA Gallery, Ibiza.

Two person show Mare Nostrum, Hush Gallery , Istanbul.

Solo show Ink, Van Gogh Gallery, Madrid.

Solo show Ink Series, The Culture Collective, ME by Meliá Ibiza.


Solo show The Subtle & the Dense, Can Quince, Ibiza.

Solo show  Ink Universe, Sala Refectori Old Ayuntamiento Dalt Vila, Ibiza.


Solo show IRISOL art therapy and video project, private studio exhibition, Ibiza.


Poética Installation collaboration with the Poet Sohar Villegas, Galería Goya, Málaga.


Solo show Kromosómicos-Luz Circuits Installation, The Garden, Argentina.


2020  Tu cuerpo, tu territorio,  Balearic Open call, TERRITORI Ibiza Perfomance Art Festival,  September 2020.

2019, Ibiza.

2018  Magenta, Ibiza.

2017  Yellow, Ibiza.

Círculo azul, Ibiza.

2009  Future, Collaborative performance with the artists Yamila and Verenice Marañon, MMAMM - Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno Mendoza, Argentina.


2022  A Way to Emerge, artistic experience in collaboration with musician Lo-Fang,  performer Patrik Monique and videographer Sohar Villegas.

2022  4 Elements, collective women exhibition of  ArtCollectiveIbiza, La Luna Gallery, Ibiza, Spain.

2020 Alchemy of Her,  collective women exhibition of  ArtCollectiveIbiza, Ibiza, Spain.


Private collection: Mora Art Foundation.

Sabina Art Collection. Sabina Estates, Ibiza.


Tu cuerpo, tu territorio,  Balearic Open call, TERRITORI Ibiza Perfomance Art Festival,  September 2020.


2020  Can7, Artist retreat. Formentera. Baleares.

2019 Residency at National University of Cuyo, Faculty of Arts and Design. Argentina.


XARRACA Journal, Issue 3, The Change Makers: the extraordinary people who make Ibiza a touch base in the work they do. May 2023, Ibiza.

L´OFFICIEL Ibiza, A Way to Emerge: a new exhibition by Li Ramet. December 2022, Ibiza.

FOA Friends of the artist Studio Image Project Book, Publication 2021/22.

Sabina Ibiza Art Book collection, Publication 2020.

Domus Nova Ibiza,

Flamantes10. Artist Book. Publication March 12th 2018. Limited Edition. 128 pages .

Relevant Experience

2020 Co-creator and curator of Art Collective Ibiza                                                

2016-2019 Co-Creator  & Art Direction in Tanit Dreams Creative Festival for Women

2012 Art direction and Photography in the 1st Meeting of Sculptors, live creation in Dalt Vila-Ibiza 2012 

2008-2019 Co-Creator and Art direction at Intranave Cultural Organization


Flamantes10. Artist Book. Publication March 12th 2018. Limited Edition. 128 pages .

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