The elements earth, water, air, and fire have a huge impact on my work. When I am in the process of a performance, I express a chain of events by creating circles with natural materials such as stones or wood. I then transform these shapes into figures, and they finally enter my paintings or collages as forms.

Each medium has its own vibration. I feel different when I am creating spontaneously with my body in nature from when I am producing a collage. When I take a brush to paper to express a sensation, the fluidity of the water and paint belongs to its own type of mood. As much as my artworks each exist in dialogue with each other, the way I express my feelings is radically different in every technique.

In my work, I frequently consider concepts such as density and subtlety, or restlessness as I continuously ask myself what direction I am going in. What becomes decisive is what I want to subtilize within the dense and what I want to densify in the subtle, whether it is the elements of nature, the sound of the sea, sensuality, or eroticism. It is in that moment of alchemical interaction of elements and colours that doors to other states begin to open.

In the ongoing series “Ways of transformation”, I explore different types of human energetic experiences, by transforming the body and the out of body experiences as a connection with other possibilities of life on this planet or in others.

My paintings are mostly produced in series and focus on the concept of maps. The notion of the “inner map” is important to me as it allows me to conquer the internal territory, draw from nature, and connect to ancestral roots. I am able to symbolically conquer the earth by finding my space on the canvas. The fluid unpredictable movement of colors along with the more contained lines on the canvas is a reflection of a map. The lines of the internal female organs, a spontaneous gesture with a brushs troke, or the outline of a woman's body are drawn amid the vast colors expanded to trace the “map", structuring the concept with a more intuitive approach.

In my ink body of work I was influenced by Eastern calligraphy in the way I use stains and lines as a reflection of a state of the soul, exploring the concept of emptiness through light and colour.

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