Interdisciplinary artist, She works with processes that cross a spectrum of drawing/painting, collage, photography, performance, video, and installation.

Her new body of work focuses on luminosity, strength and the movement of color. Drawing from nature, it’s various textures and forms, alongside anthropological research of ancestral roots and the study of the flow of water; Li`s work uses stains and lines as a reflection of a state of mind, demonstrating the concept of emptiness through light and color.

She also frequently enquire concepts as density and subtlety. What becomes decisive is what she wants to subtilize within the dense and what wants to densify in the subtle, the elements of nature, the sound of the sea, sensuality. It is that moment of alchemical interaction between them, doors to other states. The elements, earth, water, air, fire, has a huge impact on Li´s work.

A chain of events expressed: Creating circles with stones or wood, which are then transformed into figures and finally enter her inks or collages as form.

Each medium has its own vibration. I feel different when I am creating spontaneously with my body in nature, rather when I am producing a collage, in which the way feelings are expressed through techniques are radically different. The fluidity of the water and the ink when I take a brush to express a sensation on paper belong to another type of mood.

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