"Ink Universe" 

Solo show, sala Refectori, Dalt Vila Ibiza. Junio 2018.

Photos by Vincent Curien & Benoit Parisot

"Ink series"

Solo show, The Culture Collective, ME by Meliá Ibiza.


 Collective exhibition on eroticism, ADDA Gallery, Ibiza.

"The Subtle & the Dense" 

Solo show curated by Pixie Rath. Can Quince, Ibiza. Diciembre 2018.

Photos by Rosa Scipion &  Vincent Meurin 


 Intimate exhibition in the studio,  Ibiza 2015.

Irisol is a research work between art and therapy, through the unification of visual work in small format. The drawings, paintings, photographs and woodcut that make up irisol are into a handmade fabric envelope and included in boxes with a manual instruction. The fact of placing the pictures in an envelope and into a box proposes to the viewer, a way of play, touch open and enter inside the box, not only being a spectator of the work but feeling it.


 Collaboration with the poet Sohar Villegas. Installation of ink works "Le marriage" and Sohar´s poetry. Galeria Goya, Málaga 2010.

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