"Visions from somewhere", Private home solo show.

"Alchemy of Her" collective show, Atzaró, Ibiza. 

"Ink Universe"  Solo show, sala Refectori, Dalt Vila Ibiza.  Photos by Vincent Curien & Benoit Parisot

"The Subtle & the Dense" . Solo show curated by Pixie Rath. Can Quince, Ibiza. Photos by Rosa Scipion &  Vincent Meurin 

"Mare Nostrum"  two person show, Hush Gallery, Istanbul. 

"Ink series" Solo show, The Culture Collective, ME by Meliá Ibiza.

"O" Collective exhibition on eroticism, ADDA Gallery, Ibiza.

"Irisol"  Intimate exhibition in the studio.

Irisol is a research work between art and therapy, through the unification of visual work in small format. The drawings, paintings, photographs and woodcut that make up irisol are into a handmade fabric envelope and included in boxes with a manual instruction. The fact of placing the pictures in an envelope and into a box proposes to the viewer, a way of play, touch open and enter inside the box, not only being a spectator of the work but feeling it.

"Poética" Collaboration with the poet Sohar Villegas. Installation of ink works "Le marriage" and Sohar´s poetry. Galeria Goya, Málaga 2010.