The exhibition showcases new paintings and a serie of large scale textiles.

Curated by Josefina Vilela, INTERWOVEN REALMS is an observation of the blurred boundaries between magic, reality and abstraction, and an intimate reflection on the realms of eroticism.

OPENING is on Friday 20th of October at 6-10pm. The show will be on until Saturday, October 28th. 

*VIP & private viewings:

Introducing the sample of my first art book, VISIONS From SOMEWHERE,  is about finding new ways to be in this moment and share the voice in the contemporary art world, pushing boundaries and raises profound questions. My work invites us to imagine new possibilities, and to reflect on the worlds we each contain within. To explore different ways of seeing, to venture into fresh territory – and to dream and discover, as we take our own journeys into the unknown.

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