Online Art session

šŸ”¹Magical ObjectšŸ”¹
In this workshop we will explore different materials and mediums (painting, drawing, assembly, collage,etc)  to build a magical, artistic and personal object that will contains the elements of the experimentation.
Art used therapeutically, as catharsis and as an instrument of self-knowledge, working with different techniques of art, meditation and inner-energetic exercises to
 re-connect with your soul and from there the source of your creativity emerges. 
Preparation for the workshop: I propose you to have a look for little objects/materials around you, at home or in your garden, that can be recycle or transform, any material that resonate with you. Also if you have some brushes, paintings, pencil colors, glue, tether, rope, etc. Collect all the materials ready for the workshop.
šŸ”¹Saturday June 6th.  6-8pm. On zoom

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