Le Mariage is an intervention with inks, threads, and various materials on wedding cards. I found these cards in 2003 in some boxes together with photos of my family. They are the left over invitation cards of my parent´s wedding, I was moved and I decided to work with them. This led me to investigate the roots of my grandparent´s for names and family names, the alliances, my past and the beginning of what I am today, such as the union of my parents that at a certain time dissolved completely.

 The relationship created between the text on the wedding cards and the image was very inspiring and poetic for me. So in some cases I let the words shine through the drawings and in other cases I chose to work on the back of the card, and as a magical operation, the story was transformed.

Each work of this serie assembles from 7 to 9 cards according to their moment of realization, since I developed Le Mariage in different phases of my life. The uniqueness of each work reveals in the colors, textures, and search of a language that mutates.

The serie is composed for more than 80 cards intervened. 

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